How to sell on Cachar

Welcome my friend Cachar is happy to guide you through this proces. Firstly you should click on the my account button on the navigation menu to start creating your shop.

cachar vendor-reg-form-orangepeel

Fill the form correctly with a valid email address, a strong password, your first name, surname, shop name, phone number and select register.

Ensure you fill in your payment details correctly also note that the last 2 boxes are optional.

Click on the circle that says I am a vendor to get started on Registering your business.

After filling the form you will be directed to a page where you will be required to fill in some information to setup your store

Next up is the store setup form that requires your product per page number, street, post/zip code, country state and email.

Finally we’ll present you with a very user friendly dashboard where you are allowed to do as much tweaking as you like, ¬†explore the amazing features cachar has to offer and remember we’ll always be here if you need any help.